Our Expertise


Executive Search

  • We adopt a targeted selection process based on job competencies and yielding candidates that meet your hiring objectives.
  • We work with you to understand your organizationís objectives and core competencies of the positions to be filled. A customized competency-based questionnaire will then be developed for each position.

Our Search Process

  • Meeting with Client / Position Specification (Average 1 week)

    Each assignment begins with an initial briefing from you to define the search parameters. Thereafter our consultant would initiate a further discussion and a visit to your office to meet the hiring / key managers to ascertain the work environment, culture, business objectives, core competencies, whether the position is industry or functional specific, and other factors that would influence the search for the potential candidates.

    A draft position specification will be prepared for your approval. This will form the basis of our targeted selection process, detailing the responsibilities, competency requirements, goals and key challenges that the incumbent will encounter in the role.

  • Development of Target Lists (Average 1 week duration)

    We will develop our target list of companies and sectors to identify the potential candidates.

    Using our database and professional networking, we are able to obtain informal views on individuals who may have the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position.

  • Screening and Shortlisting (Average 1 to 3 weeks duration)

    We will conduct a rigorous competency-based assessment and apply our behavioural interviewing techniques to validate the candidates’ suitability for the position. In addition, we also seek informal referrals from external sources to better understand their achievements before preparing a comprehensive report detailing each candidate’s academic and work achievements and Talent Mosaic’s recommendations regarding their candidacy for the position.

  • Presentation of Candidates

    Once you have identified the shortlisted candidates we will arrange meetings with you. We will follow up with you on your final candidate. Character references will be conducted prior to an offer being made.

    After the placement has been made, we will avail ourselves to you and the candidate placed to facilitate integration in your organization.

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Advertised Selection & Recruitment

Based on your request, we will place job hiring advertisements. These advertisements will enable us to capture a wide pool of potential candidates.

Your organization’s confidentiality will be maintained at all times. We will screen and shortlist the candidates using the same assessment standards as our Executive Search process.

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Outplacement Assignments

When an employee is terminated from an organization, regardless of the reasons, many confusing questions would surface: How do I prepare my resume, how do I ensure that it gets into the right hand and not the waste basket, how do I search for the best jobs, how do I prepare for the interview, etc?

To support an “exiting” employee, the organization can provide outplacement counselling through us. We are experienced in a wide range of industries and because of our independent nature, we are able to manage such sensitivities objectively.

The problems encountered by employees who are terminated may be complex and complicated by emotions regarding failure, loss of self esteem, stress etc. We will design a structured outplacement program alleviating some of the issues brought on by the loss of the job. This also extends the organization’s sense of obligation to its employees and protects its image with their existing employees.

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Executive Assessment

At your request, we can facilitate talent assessments through our established network of Executive Assessment Centers.

Gaining an insightful understanding of personality, intelligence and emotional capabilities of senior executives can improve the quality of a hiring decision and facilitate future promotion and succession planning.

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